I've had 3 ACL surgeries in the past and Sam has been the best therapist I've gone through. He got me feeling better than how I was before the injury. He never overbooks, always pays attention to detail and instills confidence in you to use your injured body part to get stronger/better overall. Facility and equipment used is among the best in the business. Highly recommend, 10/10!  
- Francisco R.
 I've had lower back issues for well over a decade and have seen many physical therapists and doctors. I've had chronic pain for years, then after I had my first baby I had a microdiscectomy 6 months after a c section. Post surgery I had extremely debilitating pain that rendered me almost completely immobile. Calling Sam was my hail mary, as I had seen many doctors and therapists up until that point, and was still barely able to leave the house or even move around my house, let alone take care of my son. Sam came to my home for an evaluation (which was not his typical protocol) and agreed to see me at the Skyclub for aqua therapy in the pool. I felt completely hopeless, but somehow Sam is a miracle worker and I am not just mobile again, but feel better in my lower back than I've felt in almost 20 years. I am virtually pain free. My goal was not just to walk normally again, and resume my regular life - but to have another baby. While in pain and immobile for months I never thought that would be possible for me. I'm pleased to say I just had my second baby a month ago, and have been pretty much pain free for a year and a half. This is all after my orthopedist told me I'd likely have pain for the rest of my life. Sam spends the whole 45 minutes with you - he doesn't pawn you off to an assistant. He is caring and very thoughtful and attentive. He really knows his stuff and gives personalized care. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs physical therapy.  
- Heather B.
 After a bad snowboarding injury last winter, I have recently finished 11 months of physical therapy with Sam. To say that Sam was absolutely amazing in all facets of his profession would be an understatement. He was consistently punctual, easy to talk to, understanding and pushed me hard enough to make progress. The results I saw after my 11 months with him even surprised my surgeon, and continue to amaze me each day.
When I first met Sam, it was days after a major surgery on my arm/shoulder. I was terrified and in incredible amounts of pain. Not only did he give me excellent care, but he was patient with my many questions and tears. Sam provided me with excellent advice when it came time to decide whether or not to have another surgery to try and gain more range of motion and have less pain in my arm/shoulder. When I needed physical therapy 7 days a week for 2 weeks, Sam made himself available to see me, even on the weekend. It was obvious from this that my recovery was incredibly important to him.
If it weren't for Sam, I would have never been able to follow through with all of the physical therapy that my surgeon recommended. For 11 months, I went to therapy between 3 and 5 times a week. Sam made a terrible situation as good as it could be. As a former college athlete, I have worked with other physical therapists before, but none who gave me even close to the level of care that Sam did. I would recommend Sam to anyone who wants to get better and enjoy the physical therapy process as much as it is possible to.  
- Mackenzie C.
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